A man in grey pants and a yellow shirt standing on the floor.

Uniting Physical Strength and Spiritual Growth

The thing that stands out about 619 Fitness is our belief in the power of physical strength and spiritual growth. We are a unique fitness group that combines faith-based teachings with physical workouts, offering a platform that respects everyone’s beliefs while promoting health and fitness. We believe in helping our members discover their strength in themselves and their faith. This is not just a fitness class. It's a community of like-minded individuals who believe in growing stronger, both physically and spiritually.

Our Journey

The inception of 619 Fitness, a faith-based fitness group, was born out of a New Year's Resolution on January 1, 2024. Our founder, an empty-nester, was passionate about connecting with people, especially women, and helping them grow stronger - both mentally and spiritually. The belief that aging does not equate to weakness, but rather, it's an opportunity to grow stronger and have fun, is at the core of our mission.

What We Do

We currently offer virtual classes encompassing strength training with weights, resistance bands, and stretching exercises, including yoga, breathing work, and meditation. Each class is uniquely tailored to not only aid in physical development, but also to foster spiritual growth. Every session includes a daily devotion or scripture reading, ensuring that our members grow in faith and fitness.

  • Strength training with weights and resistance bands
  • Stretching, yoga, breathing work, and meditation
  • Daily devotion or scripture reading

Connect With Us

Ready to embark on a transformative journey? Connect with us to join our virtual fitness community and explore the intersection of faith and well-being at 619 Fitness. Our classes are suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Get in touch with us today.